LEGO builds

LEGO Sydney Opera House 04 Lego

The Sydney Opera House built from LEGO

LEGO towers 12 Lego

LEGO landmarks on show in Seattle

Rivendell 03 Lego

Rivendell from The Lord of the Rings made of LEGO bricks

LEGO Steampunk spider Lego

LEGO steampunk tarantula is incredible

Lego-Colosseum Lego

Ancient Rome is remade in LEGO with this incredible Colosseum

Lego car Lego

Amazing car made out of LEGO really works

LEGO podracers Lego

Build your own LEGO Star Wars ships

LEGO Steampunk Millenium Falcon 01 Lego

Incredible steampunk LEGO Millenium Falcon

LEGO Land Rover 01 Lego

LEGO Land Rover Discovery 3 is awesome

Doctor Who 50th LEGO Lego

Doctor Who’s Day of the Doctor episode recreated with LEGO

Spider-Man LEGO Lego

Amazing LEGO Spider-Man mosaic

LEGO bus stop 2 Lego

London Bus Stop made of LEGO!

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Lego Banksy 05 Lego

Banksy recreated in LEGO

LEGO tower 02 Awesome

LEGO tower in Hungary is tallest in the world!

St-Andrews-Lego-03 Lego

Birmingham City Stadium gets LEGO’d

Pokemon LEGO 02 Awesome

Awesome LEGO Pokémon!

LEGO r2 Awesome

Incredible LEGO R2-D2 really works!

LEGO Darth Lego

Biggest LEGO Darth Vader in the world!

LEGO Helms Deep 08 Lego

The siege of LEGO Helms Deep

LEGO Goodison Park 04 Lego

Anfield and Goodison Park built from LEGO

LEGO Play House Awesome

See this awesome LEGO machine play music!

LEGO iPad Robot 02 Lego

Awesome LEGO robot plays iPad games


LEGO Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube in World Record Time

cubestormer 3 Lego

Lego robot solves Rubik?s Cube in five seconds!

Lego Brick City - Macy's department store, NYC Lego

Lego Brick City on show in Newcastle

lego-keyboard Lego

Incredible LEGO keyboard really works!

Lego Pacific Rim 03 Lego

Pacific Rim Jaeger built from Lego

An American astronaut stood on the moon. Is that you, Neil Armstrong? Lego

Amazing science projects created in Lego

LEGO Tower Bridge Lego

David Beckham built this LEGO Tower Bridge