The best free PC games for kids

The best free PC games for kids

You can’t play Minecraft forever you know! If you?re looking for something new to play, there are loads of other PC games out there. Best of all, there are lots and lots of games that are free to play. We at BoxMash have picked a few of our favourites. Try a few… try them all!


Best free PC games for kids - Trove

Trove is amazing fun – a bit like Minecraft but with ingame character customisation and MMO elements.

World of Warships

Play World of Warships for free

World of Warships is the follow up to World of Tanks and is a really cool, easy to get into naval warfare game. It’s got a PEGI 7 rating so is safe for kids too!


Wizard 101

If you’ve been waiting for your Hogwarts invitation letter but no owls have turned up yet, perhaps you should try out Wizard101. You play as a student of the Spiral, a school for wizards and witches. There’s lots of places to explore and worlds to travel too, and of course a big, bad evil to defeat too! You’ll also learn lots of magic spells, which you collect as cards. The more spells you have, the better your card deck, and the more awesome abilities you can use in battle!


Royal Quest

If you need your games to be big and epic, then Royal Quest is the one for you. It’s a huge world filled with battles to fight, both against monsters and rival players. Hundreds of quests will keep you busy, and you’ll need to become a skilled warior to defeat the enemies of the world. Make sure you brush up on your elemental knowledge, because knowing what elements are strong against each other is the key to victory! Sign up and start your quest for free.


In Roblox you can make your own game and gameworld and play in it online with your friends, or publish it and let other people play. You can also explore other people’s games and try out what the community has built. It’s just a huge world of creations ready for you to discover.

Remember, every one of these games are free to play, so you don’t need to buy anything to have any fun at all! Just get your mates to download them too, and you can be exploring a new world of fighting off enemies together in no time.


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If you like any of these games please tweet and let us know! And let us know if we’ve forgotten to include your favourite free PC game, too!


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