Minecraft Story Mode gets PEGI 12 rating


Terraria beats Minecraft to 3DS


Terraria spawns onto Wii U and 3DS early 2016


Terraria 1.3 adds simple multi-player and loads of new loot

LEGO Worlds BoxMash

LEGO + Minecraft = LEGO Worlds

ordnance survey minecraft snowdonia Minecraft

Great Britain recreated in Minecraft

minecraft hogwarts Minecraft

This Minecraft Hogwarts is amazing

minecraft username change Minecraft

You will be able to change your Minecraft username

nether sponge farm 02 Minecraft

Feed your Minecraft farm with wet sponges!

minecraft ratchet and clank Minecraft

The world of Ratchet and Clank inside Minecraft

minecraft stormtrooper Minecraft

Star Wars The Force Awakens Minecraft trailer!

Notch vs Herobrine fight video minecraft Awesome

Awesome Minecraft video shows Notch and Herobrine fight

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gameband minecraft Minecraft

Take Minecraft wherever you go with Gameband

The Genius Machine Minecraft Minecraft

The Genius Machine is an interactive Minecraft story

dennis the menace minecraft mod Minecraft

Dennis the Menace joins Minecraft in new mod

The Infinity Bow Minecraft

The Infinity Bow is a Minecraft adventure

yogscast minecraft Awesome

Minecraft YouTube videos have been watched 47billion times

minecraft-halloween-texture-pack Minecraft

Minecraft Playstation finally gets Halloween skins

The Minecraft recreation of The Pool of London Minecraft

Explore paintings in Minecraft

realistic minecraft scary Awesome

Who knew Minecraft could be so scary?

realistic minecraft Awesome

Realistic Minecraft is epic but not real

Minecraft Star Destroyer Minecraft

Star Wars film is recreated in Minecraft!

Mega Gargantua Minecraft

Giant Battle Robot built in Minecraft really works

ordnance survey new map Minecraft

New Minecraft Ordnance Survey map has roads and railways

Play The Legend of Zelda in Minecraft! Minecraft

Play The Legend of Zelda in Minecraft!

Minecraft Pikachu Minecraft

All 151 original Pokémon built in Minecraft

blockopedia Minecraft

Minecraft Blockopedia gives you all the details

minecraft 2 unlikely Minecraft

Minecraft 2 probably won’t happen

minecraft movie levy_0 Minecraft

Minecraft Movie may have a director!

Minecraft-iPhone Minecraft

iPhone built in Minecraft!