FIFA 14 next-gen trailer shows massive crowds and stadiums

FIFA 14 next-gen trailer shows massive crowds and stadiums

It’s actually here. The next generation of consoles is almost out, with the Xbox One here on Friday, and the PS4 out the week after. And with next-gen comes some awesome new games. FIFA 14 is one of them, and whilst it may be brilliant on Xbox 360 and PS3, it’s awesome on Xbox One and PS4. Just check out the new trailer that focuses on all the amazing details.

For the next-gen consoles, EA Sports have captured the feel of going to a football match, with the new 3D crowd technology making the spectators in the stands look and feel incredibly real. The fans react to everything that goes on, cheering when goals are scored and moaning when the game goes bad. The view you get of the pitch will be lower in FIFA 14 than in the other games, so you can really see everything the crowd is doing.

The outsides of the different stadiums are also being included for the first time in a FIFA game, which really helps build the atmosphere. Seeing your team’s home grounds should help inspire you to play a brilliant game!

The next-generation of FIFA games will start this Friday 22nd November with FIFA 14 on Xbox One. The FIFA 14 PlayStation 4 release date is 29th November.

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