LEGO Legends of CHIMA Online: Diary Week 5

LEGO Legends of CHIMA Online: Diary Week 5

Hello and welcome to the final week of our Legends of CHIMA Online Game Diary, where we give you the lowdown on the online world of CHIMA!

In our last diary we look at what happened in the world of CHIMA this week whilst also thinking about what we learnt about the game during our 5 weeks of playing. Don’t know much about Legends of CHIMA or missed the last four weeks? Then catch up quick by checking out our earlier diaries: Legends of CHIMA Online: Diary Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, or Week 4, or if you’d rather watch something more than read, why not check out our Video diary below?

This week was the toughest yet in the land of CHIMA, as my character moved to a completely new area in the game, where foes were quite a few levels above me. I had to spend hours training up my character and expanding my outpost – exploring areas I’d been to before and conquered, and even buying some gold bricks to try to help me out! But because the Crocs were so far below my level in these areas it took a lot of time to even get the smallest bit of experience. This is when I discovered the potions – items that you can drink to get more experience when you battle Crocs, or attract more studs to your character. These items are really important tools to help get me up to the next level.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 18.44.02

Even five weeks in the game still had surprises and new storylines to explore. After defeating a small camp of Crocs I discovered that they were hiding barrels of fertiliser at their camp… What are those pesky Crocs up to now? Could it have something to do with those evil man eating plants earlier in the game? Probably, but one things for sure – they are always up to no good. I also found some new items: strange wheels lying about CHIMA which I was told I needed a grappling hook to move. My guess is that they pull up trap doors or ladders to link to new areas.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 18.44.57

One new development that really helped was my discovery of the Lion Market at my Outpost. This is a new building which meant I could trade two items at a time with other players, which is handy to get rid of useless items which clog up your backpack. When you sell items in the Lion Market you can choose how much to sell them for, which means you can sell worthless items for as few studs as you like! By dropping down the price tag to a much lower amount you will attract more buyers and get some studs whilst you are at it!

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It’s gotten to the point in the game now where nearly everything is massively expensive, and to progress you need to put as much as twice the time into the game, even if you are willing to buy membership or gold bricks. I bought 100 gold bricks this week and I still didn’t manage to defeat the newest portal challenge, as crocs up to three or four levels higher than me lay in wait to ambush my character. However it’s still loads of fun to play with your friends, or explore areas I had already been in, as there were still parts I’d missed first time round. It also helped me learn a lot about battling and taking on such foes, how to use Spewers, as the more powers you have the more likely you are to defeat Crocs even though you might not be up to their level. However, unless you are a member, there isn’t much space in your outpost, so you’ve got to decide what’s most important to you – Spewers? Studs? Markets? or Blacksmiths? The game has so many options that it really is up to you how to play, making each person’s journey through CHIMA unique and definitely loads of fun to explore and experiment with.

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Legend of CHIMA – Tips to help you with more advanced areas:

#1. Know how to use your friends to your advantage. Helping out lower level players will get you experience to level up your character, whilst teaming up with higher level players will help you get through those pesky areas you’re stuck on.

#2. When choosing your weapons its not all about DPS (damage per second). You need to really think about what sort of weapon suits your needs. I found a weapon with a high damage number that was slower helped me when battling stronger foes.

#3. Remember to always keep some CHI aside for activating portals – it’s really annoying when you defeat the crocs but can’t reap the rewards!

#4. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough room in your backpack – Blacksmith items are placed for you in your Dropbox to collect whenever you can make some space.

#5. If you look on the map it will tell you what levels are meant to play in a certain areas, so you can make sure you aren’t taking on areas where the foes are too difficult to defeat.

#6. Spewers are your best friends: try to get as many as possible as these will help you knock out foes quicker and get less damage. Make sure your friends use them too – double the Spewers means more chance of success!

#7. Think about buying items ahead of your level. You can sometimes get better deals, and if you level up whilst out on a mission you can immediately equip the item from your backpack.

#8. When battling enemies go for the ones with shooting or healing weapons first – you need to get rid of these to stop getting twice the damage and prevent Crocs your battling from healing.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our game diary. Think you’re ready to take on the Crocs? Head to the website to play the game online, or download the app on both iPhone and iPad from the App store. Don’t forget to tweet us, as we want to hear some of your favourite stories from the Legends of CHIMA Online, and what tips you have for other players.


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