Hyrule Warriors screenshots show Fi in action

Hyrule Warriors screenshots show Fi in action

Recently we discovered that Fi would be a playable character in Hyrule Warriors, but so far we’ve not had a clue what she’ll look like when she dives into action. That ends today though, as we get our first glimpse at Fi’s moves and attacks in these screenshots.

Hyrule Warriors 01

Like all the other Hyrule Warriors characters, Fi looks very flashy. Her attacks have big magical symbols that appear before enemies get blasted apart.

Hyrule Warriors 02

Fi’s not the only one who’s got new screenshots to show off though. Take a look at this great gallery to see Zelda, Link, and Ghirahim causing all kinds of trouble, and a sneaky peek at villain The Imprisoned (a big spiky ball with teeth we wouldn’t want to get too close too!)

For all the best new Hyrule Warriors screenshots and trailers, keep your eye on our great Hyrule Warriors stories.


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