Shop Amazon Digital Day Dec 30th For Great Discounts on Games and More

Shop Amazon Digital Day Dec 30th For Great Discounts on Games and More

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Amazon’s Digital Day takes place on December 30th, and for one day only, you’ll find over a thousand deals of up to 50% off your favorite mobile games, apps, TV shows, movies and music. Amazon is also offering Dollar Deals where you’ll find awesome mobile games, songs, eBooks, and more for under a $1. It’s one of the best times of the year way to load up your devices or add to your existing mobile library.


If you do need help deciding what to buy, Amazon’s got your back with a list of the most popular 4+ star rating titles from 2016.

Take full advantage of Digital Day and you’ll pack your new device with Entertainment to last you through 2017 and beyond! You can visit the official Digital Day page at for more information. Also, be sure to download the Amazon shopping app in advance of the sale so you can start shopping right away. Happy holidays, everyone!


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