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Learn the names of every new Skylanders Trap Team character!

Learn the names of every new Skylanders Trap Team character!

Now this is big news: we’ve discovered the names of every new character in Skylanders Trap Team! 16 Trap Masters, 18 Core Skylanders, 16 Minis, and 46 Villains are being added to the game. Wes from Family Gamer TV is here to reveal them all in this great video.

So just who are all these new characters? We’ve got the whole list here, organised by type so it’s easy to find each new kind of Skylander and Villain! Looking to see some of them in action? Check out this massive gameplay video of the Rainfish Riviera level, or descend into the depths of the Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink!


Trap Master – Blastermind
Trap Master – Enigma
Series 3 – Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz
Series 1 – Deja Vu
Series 1 – Cobra Cadabra
Mini – Mini-Jini
Mini – Spry


Trap Master – Snapshot
Trap Master – Lob Star
Series 4 – Tidal Wave Gill Grunt
Series 1 – Echo
Series 1 – [Frito Lay 1]
Mini – Thumpling
Mini – Gill Runt


Trap Master – Wildfire
Trap Master – Ka-Boom
Series 2 – Hog Wild Fryno
Series 1 – Torch
Series 1 – Trail Blazer
Mini – Small Fry
Mini – Weeruptor


Trap Master – Tuff Luck
Trap Master – Bushwhack
Series 3 – Sure Shot Shroomboom
Series 1 – Food Fight
Series 1 – [Frito Lay 2]
Mini – Whisper Elf
Mini – Barkley


Trap Master – Gusto
Trap Master – Thunderbolt
Series 3 – Full Blast Jet-Vac
Series 1 – Flying Kong
Series 1 – Blades
Mini – Pet Vac
Mini – Breeze


Trap Master – Jawbreaker
Trap Master – Gearshift
Series 1 – Tread Head
Series 1 – Chopper
Mini – Trigger Snappy
Mini – Drobit


Trap Master – Wallop
Trap Master – Head Rush
Series 1 – Rocky Roll
Series 1 – Fist Bump
Mini – Terrabite
Mini – Bop


Trap Master – Krypt King
Trap Master – Short Cut
Series 1 – Funny Bone
Series 1 – [Frito Lay 3]
Mini – Hijinx
Mini – Eye Small


Chompy Mage (Life)
Wolfgang (Undead)
Gulper (Water)
Dr. Krankcase (Tech)


Shrednaught (Tech)
Brawlrus (Tech)
Chill Bill (Water)
Brawl & Chain (Water)
Grinnade (Fire)
Masker Mind (Undead)
Broccoli Guy (Life)
Shield Shredder/Riot Shield Shredder (Life)
Sheep Creep (Life)
Painyatta (Magic)
Rage Mage (Magic)
Buzzer Beak (Air)

The Skylanders Trap Team release date is October 10th, and will be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, and Wii U with a starter pack. If you loved this video, follow us on Twitter for loads more amazing stories and gameplay footage, and subscribe to Family Gamer TV on YouTube.


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