BeatsPlaysPokémon uses music to control the game!

BeatsPlaysPokémon uses music to control the game!

TwitchPlaysPokémon has been huge, with the channel playing every Pokémon generation from Red & Blue to X & Y. But now there’s a brand new spin on the game: BeatsPlaysPokémon. Instead of viewers typing commands into the Twitch chat to control the game, the Pokémon trainer is controlled by the beat of music! Take a look at the stream below to see it working.
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We say working… it’s a bit crazy really. When the music is loud enough to hit the yellow bits of the equalizer bars it ‘presses a button’ to make the game do something. Of course, a piece of music doesn’t know what it wants the Pokémon to do, so the results make almost no sense!

Viewers can choose what music is used to control the game by adding a song to the Grooveshark playlist. Why not add your favourite song and see what happens?

In other ‘PlaysPokémon’ news, have you seen FishPlaysPokémon? Just as silly as BeatsPlaysPokémon, FishPlaysPokémon has a camera pointed at a fish tank, and when the fish moves into different areas of the tank it makes the game do different things. As you can imagine, it’s not the most super effective way of playing Pokémon!

For more Pokémon news (that hopefully makes more sense!) check out the Pokémon channel.

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