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The 10 Coolest and Fiercest Skylanders Bosses

The 10 Coolest and Fiercest Skylanders Bosses

The Skylanders games have some of the most amazing boss fights of all time. The guys you have to go up against to save the Skylands are both cool looking and really fierce in battle! Here at BoxMash, we traveled through all of the Skylands to find the biggest and baddest of those bosses. From one to ten, here’s our countdown of who we think are the coolest and the fiercest!

#1 Kaos

Kaos 1

Kaos is the evilest of the?Portal Masters?and the big baddie of the Skylanders series. After plotting to take over Skylands, he?was responsible for banishing all the Skylanders?to Earth after destroying the Core of Light that protected Skylands.

Who??Kaos is a very small Portal Master with a very big ego! He is a master of Dark Magic and can cast a large, hooded projection of his head and use a deep voice to try to scare the Skylanders.?Kaos was teased when he was younger and desperately tries to be taken seriously as a villain, even though he’s actually quite funny. Claiming that?he?is the only real Portal Master, he is always trying to glorify himself, filling?his castle filled with things that boost his ego.

Kaos 2

Why is Kaos so awesome??Although very funny, Kaos is a master of Dark Magic and is very cunning and clever, tricking the Skylanders more than once, and coming up with new surprises in each game to keep you guessing. He is the big boss in every game, meaning he’s very tough to defeat!?Kaos has loads of cool powers, like being able to summon darker versions of the Skylanders and other beings such as Trolls?as his minions. He can also cast very powerful spells with the assistance of the?Eternal Sources and project magic bolts of energy.?In?Giants, he transforms into a large and extremely powerful Arkeyan robot. It gives him complete command over the Arkeyan armies, and he has eye lasers.?In?Swap Force, he transforms into Super Evil Kaos when a huge pile of?Petrified Darkness?lands on top of him. This makes him a large gigantic rock-like version of himself.

Kaos 3

Where to find Kaos? Kaos appears in all three games. You must battle him in these levels:

Swap Force: Chapter 16: Motherly Mayhem

Giants: Chapter 16: Bringing Order to Kaos

Spyro?s Adventure:?Chapter 22: Lair of Kaos


#2 Mesmeralda?


“You never really had a chance!
I’m the one who pulls your strings!”

Who??Mesmeralda is an evil, spider-like puppeteer with four arms. She is a friend of Kaos’ Mom, and helps her in her quest to?try to stop the Skylanders atop the Frostfest Mountains and capture the Frosthound.?Mesmeralda loves to sing, and when she makes her grand entrance to the Skylanders atop the mountain she treats the fight like a stage and sings to you.


Why is Mesmeralda so awesome? Mesmeralda is cool because she has style!?Not only is Mesmeralda an evil puppeteer dressed like a clown, but she is also part spider. When fighting her, she can conjure up bombs and moving scythes. She also has her own Puppet Chorus to back her up both in battle and in song.?The full version of Mesmeralda’s song ‘Pull Your Strings’ is available on iTunes in the Skylanders: Swap Force official soundtrack.

Where to find Mesmeralda? Swap Force: Chapter 13: Mesmeralda?s Show


#3 Fire Viper

Fire Viper

Who??The?Fire Viper?is a ginormous fire-breathing snake monster who serves as one of the bosses in?Swap Force.?The Fire Viper?is a deadly foe who loves to take every chance to taunt the Skylander while making their mission difficult by creating fireballs to fire at them and stand in their way. He is summoned by evil Portal Master?Kaos to stop the Skylanders from attempting to save the Ancient?Terrasquid?at Twisty Tunnels.

Why is Fire Viper so awesome? The Fire Viper is awesome and fierce because 1) it’s a massive snake and 2) it can?cough indestructible lava spheres and fire balls and 3) it can fly! Beware though, Fire Viper will swallow Skylanders whole!

Where to find Fire Viper? Swap Force: Chapter 9: Serpent?s Peak


#4 Cluck?

Cluck 1

Who??Cluck?is a small white pirate bird, who gets two awesome suits, and is the main baddie of the?Tower of Time?Adventure Pack in?Swap Force. Cluck hated the constant ringing of the Tower of Time’s clock bell so much he wants to stop time! Given a large suit by the Time Trolls, he takes over Clock Town, setting up roost in the Clocktower and stopping time completely. With?Skylands trapped in?an infinite time loop,?the Skylanders must collect all the time gears to defeat Cluck, and battle him not once, but twice, in two different suits.?The Skylanders eventually defeat Cluck, destroying his suit, but the small white bird swears that they haven’t seen the last of him as he flies away.

Why is Cluck so awesome??As a tiny bird, Cluck is really awesome. He gets not one, but two suits in his level, which give him different powers, and he can use laser beam attacks. Cluck swears he’ll be back, so keep an eye out for him in future Skylanders games!

Where to find Cluck??Swap Force:?Cluck is the main antagonist of the Tower of Time Adventure Pack.


#5 Sheep Mage

Sheep Mage 1

“HA! A Skylander eh?! Prepare to meet your sheepy doom!”

Who? ?The Sheep Mage is an evil wizard who loves sheep so much that he only uses magic related to them. He is the main baddie of the Sheep Wreck Island adventure pack in?Swap Force.?Sheep Mage is a bit of a sheepy hero: seeing his fellow sheep being mistreated and pushed around by the inhabitants of Skylands, the Sheep Mage gathered the sheep on Sheep Wreck Island in order to lead them to spread their ‘sheepdom’ throughout the Skylands as revenge. Sheep Mage also appears in the 3DS version of Swap Force, where he is called the Vortex Monster and his wizard form is never shown.

Why is Sheep Mage so awesome? ?He’s a wizard with an all powerful staff, who can transform people into sheep! What’s not to love? Using the magic of his Sheep Staff to perform his powers, he can create portals and transform into an enormous sheep monster with small horns. Scary!


Where to find Sheep Mage??Swap Force: The Sheep Mage is the main antagonist of the Sheep Wreck Island adventure pack.


#6 Captain Frightbeard?


“Aye, t’was long ago when those blasted rustbuckets locked me away in that cursed realm of endless nothing. But now, as I reclaim me own giant sword and free me giant fleet, I solemnly swear to plunder all of Skylands, right down to their blasted skivvies!”

Who??Captain Frightbeard is a huge seadog pirate who only appears in the 3DS version of Giants.?Over 10,000 years ago, Captain Frightbeard and his crew terrorised Skylands?until the?Arkeyans locked them in the Chest of Exile, using Frightbeard’s own sword to lock them in. Striking a deal with an evil sorcerer, he escapes from his imprisonment and sets out to find the Chest of Exile to release his pirate fleet so he can once again cause havoc in Skyland!

Captain Frightbeard 3

Why is Captain Frightbeard so awesome?? First and foremost, he’s a pirate! He also wields a giant sword to use the elements against the Skylanders, and he?owns a fearsome pirate ship called?The Phantom Tide.

Where to find Captain Frightbeard? Giants: 3DS version.


#7 Chompy Mage?

Chompy mage

“You are not a Chompy! So I don’t like you!!!”

Who??Half-Wizard, Half-Gargantual, the Chompy Mage has the ability to summon monsters and transform into a giant Chompy. He really dislikes anyone who isn’t a Chompy, and also has a Chompy puppet on his left hand which he occasionally speaks for.

The Chompy Mage has a funny backstory. Whilst on his way to the annual Chompy Convention ‘ChompyCon’ he got lost. He didn’t want to ask for directions, so he pretended like he moved to Wilikin Village on purpose! The Chompy Mage then figured he would stay there for a while, practicing his magic, and then set out for the ChompyCon next year. However, the Chompy Mage’s antics proved to be a nuisance to the Wilikin, switching them constantly between the real world and the Wilikin world.

Why is Chompy Mage so awesome??Chomy Mage may be the weirdest Skylanders boss, but he is certainly a formidable foe! Being a wizard, the Chompy Mage has the ability to summon magic that can be harmful in the real world such as taking away health, or good in the other world, such as healing the Skylanders.

Where to find Chompy Mage? Giants: Chapter 7: Wilikin Village


#8 Drill-X?

Drill X

“It’s the end of the track, Skylander!
This drill-bot is on the scene!
I’ll knock you forward and back
with a robo attack
’cause you’re messing with the wrong machine!”

Who? Drill-X is a large Robot Drilling Machine, who also just happens to sing. The name “Drill-X” may actually be a reference to Skrillex, a real life rapper. Drill-X appeared in his?oil rig?where he drills his way to the?Lost City of Arkus?for?Kaos. There are different phases in the battle, and in between each phase, Drill-X sings in order to throw you off your game.

Why is Drill-X so awesome? Drill-X raps in between each of the rounds of his battle. You don’t get more hip than a drill that sings. He also has three phases to his battle, in which he can summon lasers, throw rocks, and use fire. Quite a scary foe!

Where to find Drill-X? Giants:?Chapter 11: Drill-X?s Big Rig


#9 Vathek

Vathek 1

Vathek?is an?undead?dragon?who appears in the?Dragon’s Peak?adventure pack in the 3DS version of Spyro’s Adventure. He is the evil brother of the current awesome Dragon King,?Ramses.

Who??Vathek is truly?villainous?and horrible, doing whatever it takes to become king of Dragon’s Peak, even willing to betray his own brother to achieve his goal.?He is selfish and evil, and when he becomes Dragon King he quickly becomes dependent on its power and won’t let anyone else near it. Instead of confronting the Skylanders himself, Vathek keeps his distance while using the Throne’s power to summon the creatures who are loyal to the Throne to do the fighting for him, until there are no more minions left to do his bidding. Eventually he has to do battle himself.


Why is Vathek so awesome? He’s an undead dragon on a quest for power that shoots fireballs. Enough said!

Where to find Vathek???Spyro’s Adventure:?3DS version.


#10 Stone Golem

Stone Golem

Who??The Stone Golem is the Eternal Earth Source that has been transformed into a large, hulking stone creature. Whilst the?Mabu?were holding the Eternal Earth Source for the Skylanders until they arrive in?Stonetown?to retrieve it, something bizarre happens, the Eternal Earth Source suddenly turned into the Stone Golem and began wreaking havoc in Stonetown!??The Stone Golem can control rocks, and throws them at the Skylanders who must work quickly to return Stone Golem to his original form.

Why is Stone Golem so awesome??One of those mystical Eternal Earth forces, this large stone giant who’s stomp can literally crush the Skylanders is about as fierce as they come!

Where to find Stone Golem??Spyro?s Adventure: Chapter 9: Stonetown

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