Portal Lego CUSO Awesome

Portal Spotted on LEGO Dimensions packagaing

630x Awesome

Super Smash Bros: Mewtwo DLC and Costumes now available in Europe!

LEGO Elves Disney Infinity

LEGO Elves is ripe for a LEGO Dimensions Level Pack

Pixar Awesome

The Pixar Movie Theory: How the worlds of Toy Story and Wall-E are connected

Lego Dimensions Details BoxMash

Lego Dimensions supports 7 minifigure multiplayer


Massive Lego city made with nearly 500,000 pieces!

mine cover Minecraft

Minecraft quiz: Take the BoxMash Minecraft test

mine Minecraft

Top 10 most amazing Minecraft builds

VineZach Awesome

Zach King’s Magical Vines

Lego Dimen BoxMash

Lego Dimensions game revealed


3D print a car? What madness is this?

Amiibo Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

Minecraft Minion Paradise

Minions Paradise free mobile game

Minecraft for real

Minecraft for real – a sandbox game made from sand

Pixelmon header Minecraft

Pixelmon puts Pokémon in Minecraft

ordnance survey minecraft snowdonia Minecraft

Great Britain recreated in Minecraft

shuttle Awesome

Brilliant video of Space Shuttle takeoff

LEGO museum thumbnail Lego

Awesome video shows what the LEGO museum will look like

brain waves Awesome

See your own brain waves with this cool trick

life-size LEGO X-Wing Lego

LEGO built a life-size X-Wing

LEGO Sydney Opera House 04 Lego

The Sydney Opera House built from LEGO

Skylanders Giants Bouncer LEGO Skylanders

Skylanders Giants: How to make a Bouncer from LEGO!

Frozen bubbles pic by Angela Kelly Awesome

What do bubbles look like at 15 degrees below freezing?

LEGO towers 12 Lego

LEGO landmarks on show in Seattle

Hay vortex Awesome

Amazing Hay vortex whips into field in Hampshire

Rivendell 03 Lego

Rivendell from The Lord of the Rings made of LEGO bricks

LEGO Steampunk spider Lego

LEGO steampunk tarantula is incredible

Lego-Colosseum Lego

Ancient Rome is remade in LEGO with this incredible Colosseum

LEGO Curiosity Lego

Check out the LEGO Curiosity Mars rover

Death Star Minecraft

Star Wars Death Star Run recreated in Minecraft