The Wii Fit U Challenge! Part 4

The Wii Fit U Challenge! Part 4

Family Gamer TV have been looking at Wii Fit U and how it can help you keep in great shape. Jordan took a look at the basics in the first video, some of the games on offer in the second video, and how you can train up for a specific goal in the third. Today, she’s looking at how the game encourages you to play every day and keep yourself active.

Sometimes if you’ve had a break from a routine, or you’re just not very good at ‘get up and go’, then doing your exercise routine every day can get boring, and you end up leaving it and doing something more fun. Jordan discovered that Wii Fit U helps you stop doing that by making it fun to come back every day and do something new. You have a calendar that you can stamp every day, and unless you work out each day you won’t get a stamp. And with no stamps, you can’t get a completely filled in calendar. This really points out where you slipped up, and if you want to get 100% completion you have to get those stamps every day!

Wii Fit U also recommends new activities after you complete the one you are doing, and offers games that either help you continue working on the area you’re doing, or something that works well alongside it. And if you do well enough on each activity, you can get unlocks that let you do better activities that help you push yourself that little bit further!

We’ll be checking in on Jordan again next time to see if she can finally do the press-ups she’s always wanted to do. Until then, if you loved this video, follow us on Twitter for loads more amazing stories and gameplay footage, and subscribe to Family Gamer TV on YouTube.


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