Team Up in Angry Birds Transformers

Team Up in Angry Birds Transformers

After playing through some of the early levels in the first hands-on video, Wes from Family Gamer TV is now a lot further through Angry Birds Transformers. Things are getting tougher though, and it looks like he may need a hand from another Transformer if he’s going to make it through alive…

It looks like the Deceptihogs are taking a break from harvesting the world’s energon supplies and are looking to help with the fight. First to join up is Soundwave. He looks just like his original cartoon form in this game, but he’s got a different vehicle form that’s a lot speedier than his old cassette-tape form!

One Transformer just isn’t enough to take down the massive number of pigs that each level contains. Thankfully, you own collection of characters can team up with your friends’ Transformers and other people playing the game, allowing you to team up and take on the challenge of each level together. It’s not like a co-op game where you both play together, but you can call in another Transformer to help you out in your moment of need with a massive dose of extra firepower.

The Angry Birds Transformers release date is October 15th on iOS and October 30th on Android. If you loved this video, follow us on Twitter for loads more amazing stories and gameplay footage, and subscribe to Family Gamer TV on YouTube.


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