Pokémon X Y Gym Leader Walkthrough – Shalour City

Pokémon X Y Gym Leader Walkthrough – Shalour City

Hello and welcome to our Pokémon X&Y Gym Guide! Every Friday we will be guiding you through one of the eight Kalos Region Gyms in Pokémon X and Y, showing you everything you need to know to beat them all and get your badges. We will show you how to find the gyms, what Pokémon they have and how you can defeat them, and even where to head next!

This week, we are looking at the third Gym in Shalour City with Gym Leader Korrina. If you are reading this guide, you should have already beaten  X & Y’s first two gym leaders, Viola and Grant. If not, check out these guides to Santalune City Gym and Cyllage City Gym to perfect your moves and raise your team before challenging the leader of the Shalour City, Korrina!


Gym Type

This Gym is a Fighting type gym, but with a few Pokémon who know the rock move Rock Tomb as well. Pokémon that are strong against Rock types are Flying, Fairy, and Psychic types, and Pokémon that are weak against Rock types are Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark types.  Fighting types are also resistant to Bug, Dark, and Rock attacks, so make sure not to use these attacks in battle.

How to find The Gym

After battling your neighbour in the Tower of Mastery, Gym Leader Korrina tells you to come and challenge her in the Shalour City Gym. After passing through Reflection Cave you will end up in Shalour City where the Gym is easy to find. The trainers in Shalour City Gym are really into roller skating, in fact the entire gym is a roller skate park, with ramps for you to jump off and rails for you to grind on! In order to get into the Gym, use the Circle Pad to skate up the stairs. There is a railing at the top that you need to grind onto in order to enter the rink.


All Pokémon Trainers in this Gym will be riding around on Roller Skates, but don’t worry, you don’t have to out skate them. However, unlike other Gyms, you do have to catch them before they will start to battle you (rather than the usual: I see you, let’s battle!) These rails will lead you to various points in the gym. Also unlike the previous Gyms, to get to Korrina, you will have to defeat all the four trainers: Roller Skater Shun, Roller Skater Rolanda, Roller Skater Dash, and Roller Skater Kate. By defeating them parts of a skate rail towards the middle of the Gym appear. When the entire rail is up, grind the rail over to the Korrina in the middle of the Gym.


Trainers in the Gym

Rollar Skater Rolanda

This Pokémon Trainer is skating at the northeast (top right) corner of the gym.

Her Pokémon are:


Sawk (level. 27)

Type: Fighting

Ability: Inner Focus

Moves: Low Sweep, Double Kick, Counter, Karate Chop


Hariyama (level. 29)

Type: Fighting

Ability: Guts

Moves: Circle Throw, Whirlwind, Smelling Salts, Belly Drum

Money for Winning: P928


Roller Skater Shun

This Pokémon Trainer is skating at the southeast (bottom right) corner of the gym.

His Pokémon are:


Pancham (level. 27)

Type: Fighting

Ability: Mold Breaker

Moves: Circle Throw, Comet Punch, Vital Throw, Slash


Throh (level. 27)

Type: Fighting

Ability: Inner Focus

Moves: Seismic Toss, Revenge, Vital Throw, Storm Throw


Machoke (level. 27)

Type: Fighting

Ability: Guts

Moves: Seismic Toss, Low Sweep, Foresight, Revenge

Money for Winning: P864


Roller Skater Dash

This Pokémon Trainer is skating at the southwest (bottom left) corner of the gym.

His Pokémon are:

Heracross (level. 30)

Type: Bug and Fighting

Ability: Swarm

Moves: Brick Break, Take Down, Chip Away, Counter

Money for Winning: P960


Roller Skater Kate

This Pokémon Trainer is skating around the gym in no particular area.

Her Pokémon are:


Meditite (level. 28)

Type: Fighting and Psychic

Ability: Pure Power

Moves: Feint, Hidden Power, Mind Reader, Calm Mind


Mienfoo (level. 28)

Type: Fighting

Ability: Regenerator

Moves: Fake Out, Swift, Double Slap, Calm Mind

Money for Winning: P896


Gym Leader Korrina

Gym Leader Korrina

The gym leader here goes by the name of Korrina and she is the daughter of the Mega Evolution Guru. After defeating all four trainers the rail that leads you to her will be complete. Use the Circle Pad to get on the rail from the left or right. You’ll end up in the middle, and just talk to Korrina to start the battle.

Korrina’s Pokémon are:


Mienfoo (Level. 29)

Type: Fighting

Ability: Inner Focus

Item: None

Moves: Fake Out, Power-Up Punch, Double Slap, Fake Out


Machoke (Level. 28)

Type: Fighting

Ability: Guts

Item: None

Moves: Rock Tomb, Power-Up Punch, Leer


Hawlucha (Level. 32)

Type: Fighting and Flying

Ability: Unburden

Item: None

Moves: Flying Press, Power-Up Punch, Hone Claws


How to defeat Korrina

As this gym is mainly a mono Rock type gym, if you have a Fairy, Psychic or Flying type you will defeat most of the Pokémon easily.


As we suggested in our 10 Best Pokémon to catch in Pokémon X and Y feature, your best chance is to catch a Vivillion. Check out the link to see where and how to add one to your team. If you have one, you should have no problem with this gym. Just make sure it knows Draining kiss and Psybeam before entering and the match will be a piece of cake. However, remember not to waste those bug based moves – they will do no damage to Fighting type Pokémon as they are immune to Bug attacks.


If you chose Fennekin as your starter Pokémon and it has fully evolved into Delphox, this gym will also be easy to handle.

Flying types are also good Pokémon to have in your team for this gym, even against Hawlucha, who receives double damage from Flying moves even though Hawlucha is part Flying type itself. Be careful when using a Flying-type against Machoke, it has a Rock-type attack that could quickly take out any Flying-type Pokémon. Also if you’ve managed to catch yourself a Ghost Pokémon they will be really useful against two Pokémon in this gym: Roller Skater Kate’s Meditite and Korrina’s Hawlucha.

Tips: Watch out because Korrina is a fan of using Hyper Potions, sometimes twice on one Pokémon, so make sure your Pokémon are strong and fast when taking her on. Make sure you are stacked up on potions as well before you take her on, especially if you are relying on one Pokémon to defeat her. It is important to try take down Mienfoo quickly as his attacks – Fake Out which may cause you to flinch along with Power-Up Punch which raises Mienfoo’s attack – make it more difficult to beat him the longer the battle goes on.


After defeating Korrina and knocking her skates off, you will receive the Rumble Badge, which allows you to use HM03 Surf outside of battle and have all Pokémon (including traded) up to Level 50 obey you. You will also receive P5,250 and TM98 Power-Up Punch which raises attack stats in the Pokémon that uses it.

Where to go next


Before you go Korrina says that to get the Mega Ring, you will have to go to the top of the Tower of Mastery and battle her again. This time she wants to use her Lucario using Mega Evolution, and when you defeat her, you too will be able to start using Mega Evolutions. To exit the gym, skate down where Korrina went. There is a rail going south there which you should jump on to take you to the exit. Head on back to the Tower of Mastery where Mega Evolution awaits!

Remember to come back to BoxMash’s Pokémon X&Y Gym Guides next Friday for the fourth guide: Courmaline City and Gym Leader Ramos!


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