Pokémon X Y Gym Leader Walkthrough – Snowbelle City

Pokémon X Y Gym Leader Walkthrough – Snowbelle City

Hello and welcome to our Pokémon X&Y Gym Guide! Every Friday we’ve been guiding you through one of the eight Kalos Region Gyms in Pokémon X and Y, showing you everything you need to know to beat them and get your badges. We show you how to find the gyms, what Pokémon they have and how you can defeat them, and even where to head next!

This week, we are looking at the eighth and final Gym in Snowbelle City and Gym Leader Wulfric. That’s right, congratulations are in order as you move onto the final Gym! If you are reading this guide, you should have already beaten  X & Y’s first seven gym leaders, Viola, Grant, Korrina, Ramos, Clemont, Valerie and Olympia. If not, check out our other Pokémon X&Y Gym Guides to help you perfect your team to the best it can be, before coming back here to take on the last gym in Kalos region: Snowbelle City!


Gym Type

This Gym is an Ice type gym. Ice Pokémon are strong against four types and weak to four types, so this should give you plenty to chose from to make your team. Types that are strong against Ice types are: Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel type Pokémon. Pokémon that are weak against Ice types are Grass, Ground, Flying, and Dragon, so make sure to keep these types at a safe distance from the battle or they will probably get knocked out fairly quickly from the Icy-attacks. Ice types are also immune to other Ice types, so if you have any on your team don’t use them in these battles or you may get trapped in an ongoing battle forever!

How to find the Gym

If you cannot get to the gym in Snowbelle City, it’s because you must find Wulfric first. He is over in Pokémon village. Check out your map and head over there to find him. After speaking to Wulfric, he will return to the gym and you will finally be able to challenge him.


This gym is made up of rotating coloured platforms that you must move by pressing buttons. Don’t worry the puzzle here is not too difficult, as each square only has four possible rotations. This means that it is pretty easy to find out the combinations all by yourself by trial and error, however we will tell you what to do here incase you get stuck. Unfortunately there are no options in this gym as you will need to beat every trainer in the gym in order to create a path all the way to the Gym Leader.

Trainers in the Gym

The first two trainers are on pink and blue platforms.

Ace Trainer Imelda

The Trainer on the pink platform is Ace Trainer Imelda.

Her Pokémon are:


Sneasel (level. 54)

Type: Dark and Ice

Ability: Inner Focus

Moves: Slash, Snatch, Punishment, Ice Shard


Cloyster (level. 55)

Type: Water and Ice

Ability: Shell Armor

Moves: Icicle Crash, Aurora Beam, Spike Cannon, Spikes

Money for Winning: P5,500


Ace Trainer Viktor

After the battle with Imelda, step on the pink switch twice. You will now be able to access the blue platform and Ace Trainer Viktor.

His Pokémon are:


Delibird (level. 54)

Type: Ice and Flying

Ability: Hustle

Moves: Present


Mamoswine (level. 55)

Type: Ice and Ground

Ability: Snow Cloak

Moves: Mist, Thrash, Earthquake, Blizzard

Money for Winning: P5,500


Ace Trainer Shannon

After you have defeated both Imelda and Viktor, step on the blue switch three times. Now you should be able to head north and walk onto the green platform on the right where the next trainer awaits you.

Her Pokémon are:


Cryogonal (level. 52)

Type: Ice

Ability: Levitate

Moves: Slash, Confuse Ray, Recover, Freeze-Dry


Piloswine (level. 53)

Type: Ice and Ground

Ability: Oblivious

Moves: Mist, Thrash, Earthquake, Blizzard


Jynx (level. 54)

Type: Psychic and Ice

Ability: Oblivious

Moves: Wake-Up Slap, Wring Out, Avalanche, Body Slam

Money for Winning: P5,400


Ace Trainer Theo

After the battle, don’t press the green button, instead head straight to the yellow platform to take on Ace Trainer Theo.

Her Pokémon are:


Beartic (level. 54)

Type: Ice

Ability: Snow Cloak

Moves: Hail, Blizzard, Icicle Crash, Rest


Vanilluxe (level. 55)

Type: Ice

Ability: Ice Body

Moves: Ice Beam, Hail, Mirror Coat, Acid Armour

Money for Winning: P5,500


Leader Wulfric

Leader Wulfric

Step on the yellow switch, then go over and step on the green switch three times. You can walk up the stairs to the north to reach Gym Leader Wulfric.

Wulfric’s Pokémon are:


Abomasnow (Level. 56)

Type: Grass and Ice

Ability: Snow Warning

Item: None

Moves: Ice Beam, Energy Ball, Ice Shard


Cryogonal (Level. 55)

Type: Ice

Ability: Levitate

Item: None

Moves: Confuse Ray, Hail, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon,


Avalugg (Level. 59)

Type: Ice

Ability: Ice Body

Item: None

Moves: Curse, Avalanche, Crunch, Gyro Ball


How to defeat Wulfric

Don’t worry too much about taking on Wulfric, this gym is easy to defeat by just putting a strong Fire type at the head of your team. If you read our 10 Best Pokémon to catch in Pokémon X and Y guide, you will have no problem with this gym as you should have Charizard on your team already, and his fire type will easily blast through these Ice Pokémon’s defences.


If you don’t have Charizard, any strong Fire type will do, even Talonflame. Talonflame should be weak to Ice types because of its dual Flying type, but isn’t as the part fire which will cancel out the super effectiveness of ice moves. If you chose Fennekin as your starter Pokémon it will also come in handy here.

The only Pokemon where leading with a Fire type could be a problem is with dual Ice and Water types like Cloyster. In this case you should back up your team with either a Fighting or Electric type, such as Pikachu. If you want to add one to your team, why not check out our 10 Best Pokémon to catch in Pokémon X and Y guide.


Tip: Both Abomasnow and Cryogonal have the ability to turn the battlefield to a Hailstorm. This will injure all non-ice type Pokemon each turn for five turns, and it will restore their HP each turn the hailstorm is in effect, so it’s best to try to elimate both these Pokémon as quickly as possible, possibly with a hit from a powerful Fire type attack.



After defeating Wulfric, he will give you the Iceberg Badge, which allows all Pokémon, even Pokémon you get in trades, to obey you without question! This badge also allows Pokemon to use Waterfall outside of battle. You also are given TM13 Ice Beam, which inflicts damage and has a 10% chance of freezing the target, and P9,440.

Where to go next


After you’ve defeated Wulfric a bridge of ice will appear which will let you leave the gym. Once outside, the guy from the front of the gym will begin talking to you, joined by Wulfric. They will tell you to go challenge the Pokémon League on Victory Road and take on the Elite Four. Congratulations! You’re almost done with the game.

Before taking on the big shots, you may want to visit a few areas you have missed with waterfalls where some useful TMs might be hiding, such as route 22, Frost Cavern, Route 15 and 16, and Pokémon Village. When you’re ready to fight for the title of Pokémon Master, use the northwest exit of Snowbelle City to reach Route 21, Dernière Way.

If you found this guide useful remember to come back to BoxMash’s Pokémon X&Y Gym Guides next Friday for our final Pokémon X and Y Gym Guide: the Elite Four!


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