Pokémon X Y Gym Leader Walkthrough – Lumiose City

Pokémon X Y Gym Leader Walkthrough – Lumiose City

Hello and welcome to our Pokémon X&Y Gym Guide! Every Friday we will be guiding you through one of the eight Kalos Region Gyms in Pokémon X and Y, showing you everything you need to know to beat them and get your badges. We will show you how to find the gyms, what Pokémon they have and how you can defeat them, and even where to head next!

This week, we are looking at the fifth Gym in Lumiose City with Gym Leader Clemont. If you are reading this guide, you should have already beaten X & Y’s first four gym leaders, Viola, Grant, Korrina and Ramos. If not, check out our other Pokémon X&Y Gym Guides to perfect your battle skills and strengthen your team before challenging the leader of the Lumiose City Gym, Clemont!


Gym Type

This Gym is an Electric Type gym, which puts it at an advantage immediately as single Electric types are only weak to Ground type moves. Pokémon that are weak against Electric types are Water and Flying types, so keep these Pokémon in their Pokéballs! Electric types are also resistant to Electric, Flying, and Steel moves, so make sure not to use these attacks in battle either.

How to find the Gym

You already visited Lumiose City earlier in the game during a power cut which stopped you from exploring the whole city. After giving electricity back to the city by fixing the Kalos Power Plant, it is finally time to take on the Lumiose City Gym. From Kalos Power Plant, journey through Route 13 to make it back to Lumiose City. Now is your chance to explore the north of the city. After an event involving the Prism Tower in the center of town, it is time to take on the Pokémon X & Y fifth gym leader Clemont in the Prism Tower.


When you enter Prism Tower, there is an elevator. Go inside and you’ll go up a floor. Clemont’s younger sister Bonnie will be waiting for you. She asks you to walk forward onto the glowing square. This gym is very different to the other gyms you have faced. Instead of walking into a trainer’s view to battle, you have to take part in a quiz show to chose who you will battle. There are four questions that you must answer correctly in order to move up through Prism Tower. If you get them all right, you only have to face four trainers before taking on Clemont. If you answer them incorrectly, you instead battle up to 12 trainers before the Gym Leader.


There are five levels in this gym in total, and the first four will be quiz levels. After stepping into the glowing square on each level, you will be given a question. After looking at the question, press a button, then look at the numbers of the answers. There will be three possible answers per question, and three elevators with trainers blocking the pathway on each quiz floor. The elevators are numbered 1, 2 and 3. When choosing your answer, you will walk up to and speak to the trainer in front of the elevator matching your answer number and this will lead to a battle. If you win, you enter the elevator and it will tell you if you have the right answer or not. If you do, you go up a floor. If you don’t, you will have to go back, chose another answer and face another trainer.

The questions are simple enough, however we will still tell you the answers here incase you get stuck. The first three levels of the Gym are ‘Who’s that Pokémon’ challenges, like those in the Pokémon TV show. Here you are shown the shadow of a Pokémon and you must guess who it is. The fourth floor is the opposite of the previous questions – you are instead given the name of a Pokémon and you must match the shadow to go with it.


Although you can skip most of the trainers in this gym, we think you should try to challenge as many as you can to get more experience. To do this, just answer incorrectly. Remember, once you have answered correctly you cannot go back to battle the other trainers, so make sure to only answer correctly when you are ready to move up a level.

For this Gym guide, we have listed all the trainers in the Gym that you could battle and what Pokémon they have, and go into detail for the four trainers you must battle.

Trainers in the Gym

Floor 1

Who’s that Pokémon? The answer is: Pikachu, door no. 3.

Door 1: Schoolboy Arno

His Pokémon are:


Pachirisu (level. 34)

Type: Electric


Door 2: Schoolboy Sherlock

His Pokémon are:


Stunkfisk (level. 34)

Type: Electric and Ground


Door 3: Schoolboy Finnian

His Pokémon are:


Dedenne (level. 34)

Type: Electric and Fairy

Ability: Pickup

Moves: Volt Switch, Rest, Snore, Charge Beam

Money for Winning: P1,088


Floor 2:

After you talk to the correct trainer you go up to Floor 2.

Who’s that Pokémon? The answer is: Fletchling, door no. 1

Door 1: Rising Star Estel

Her Pokémon are:


Raichu (level. 35)

Type: Electric

Ability: Static

Moves: Thunder Shock, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt

Money for Winning: P2,100


Door 2: Rising Star Nelly

Her Pokémon are:



Magneton (level. 35)

Type: Electric and Steel


Door 3: Rising Star Helene

Her Pokémon are:


Manectric (level. 35)

Type: Electric


Floor 3

You will go up to Floor 3 after you have chosen the correct answer to floor 2.

Who’s that Pokémon? The answer is: Panpour, door no. 3

Door 1: Ace Trainer Mathis

His Pokémon are:


Lanturn (level. 36)

Type: Electric and Water


Door 2: Ace Trainer Maxim

His Pokémon are:


Electrode (level. 36)

Type: Electric


Door 3: Ace Trainer Rico

His Pokémon are:


Ampharos (level. 36)

Type: Electric

Ability: Static

Moves: Confuse Ray, Electro Ball, Thunder Punch, Power Gem

Money for Winning: P3,600


Floor 4

You’ll automatically go up to floor 4 when you get the correct answer on floor 3. On floor 4 the quiz is a little bit different.

Which shadow is Vivillon? The answer is: Shadow no. 2

Poké Fan Abigail

Her Pokémon are:


Minun (Level. 34)

Type: Electric


Poké Fan Lydie

Her Pokémon are:


Plusle (Level. 34)

Type: Electric

Ability: Plus

Moves: Play Nice, Copycat, Electro Ball, Swift

Money for Winning: P2,720


Poké Fan Tara

Her Pokémon are:


Pikachu (Level. 34)

Type: Electric


Leader Clemont


After you battle the correct trainer you’ll automatically go up to the top floor. Congratulations, you’ve finally made it! At this stage you’ve either battled 12 trainers or 4.

Gym Leader Clemont will be waiting for you on this floor. He is quite eccentric and a little strange. All you have to do is talk to him to start the battle.


Clemont’s Pokémon are:


Emolga (Level. 35)

Type: Electric and Flying

Ability: Static

Item: None

Moves: Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Volt Switch


Magneton (Level. 35)

Type: Electric and Steel

Ability: Sturdy

Item: None

Moves: Mirror Shot, Electric Terrain, Thunderbolt

Immunities: Poison


Heliolisk (Level. 37)

Type: Electric and Normal

Ability: Dry Skin

Item: None

Moves: Quick Attack, Thunderbolt, Grass Knot


How to defeat Clemont

Electric types are not strong against very many Pokémon, but they are not weak against many either, which makes this gym a tricky one. Ground type Pokémon are your best bet to get you through the trainers in this gym as they are immune to electric attacks. Beware though, as they can be quite slow and could get taken out with normal attacks before they have a chance to get a good hit. You can pick up as many Ground types as you want on Route 13, which you have to pass through to get to Lumiose City. We suggest picking up a Gible, because one of the Gym Leader’s pokémon knows a grass-type move, which is strong against most Ground-type pokémon. However, Grass-type moves are not super-effective against Gible because it is a dual Dragon and Ground type.


If you rely just on Ground types you will find yourself in trouble because some of Clemonts Pokémon, such as the dual Electric and Flying type Emolga, have moves that will cause a lot of damage to Ground type Pokémon. To take these Pokémon on you should also add a Rock type to your team. If you chose Tyrunt as your fossil Pokémon as we suggested in 10 Best Pokémon to catch in Pokémon X and Y, you will have two strengths in battle here, as he is a Rock and Dragon type. The TM Rock Tomb that Gym Leader Grant gave you will be useful here, so remember to teach it to your Rock type Pokémon before taking on Clemont. Don’t bring out your Rock types against Clemont’s Magneton though as it has a Steel move, which will do super damage to them.


Finally a Fighting type Pokémon will be a great addition to your battle team, as they are strong against both Heliolisk and Magneton. Earlier on in the game Korrina will have given you a Lucario in the Tower of Mastery. If you still have Lucario,

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he is especially good to have on your team here as he is a dual Fighting and Steel type. Use his moves like Power-Up Punch and Bone Rush to defeat Clemont’s Heliolisk and Magneton quickly. Don’t send Lucario out against Emolga though as he is weak against Emolga’s flying-type attacks.


Tip: When facing Magneton, his Electric Terrain move will cause all Electric type attacks to deal extra damage and also prevents any Pokémon from falling asleep for five turns, so make sure to knock him out quick!



After defeating Clemont, you will talk to him and his sister. He will give you the Voltage Badge which allows all Pokémon up to Level 70 to obey you, even traded Pokémon, and TM24 Thunderbolt, a very powerful electric attack which will benefit any of your electric Pokémon. You will also get P5,920, and the item Full Restore will now be available at all Pokémon Centers for P3,000.

Where to go next

When you are ready to leave use the Pokéball elevator to return to the first floor. When you exit the Gym, you’ll receive a Holo Clip from Professor Sycamore.

Professor Sycamore

He’ll ask you to meet him at Lysandre Cafe in Magneta Plaza. Head straight there by going down Autumnal Avenue, then going into the red café to the left. In the café head towards Professor Sycamore who is with Lysandre. They are talking about Mega Evolution, which Lysander would love to be able to use. You hear that Lysandre is possibly the descendant of the King’s younger brother. He also speaks of a terrible weapon that the last King of Kalos made. After the talk, Lysandre will give you the King’s Rock. This is an interesting item. If given to a Poliwhirl, it will evolve into Politoed if traded, or if given to a Slowpoke, it’ll evolve into a Slowking when traded. If held during a battle the King’s Rock will cause a 10% chance of flinching. Exit the cafe and you’ll receive another Holo Clip, this time from Trevor. He’ll ask you to meet him and the rest of your friends at Route 14. When you are finally finished exploring Lumiose City, head north to leave the city and find Route 14.

If you found this guide useful remember to come back to BoxMash’s Pokémon X&Y Gym Guides next Friday for the sixth guide: Laverre City and Gym Leader Valerie!


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