10 Most Awesome Games on Wii U in 2013

10 Most Awesome Games on Wii U in 2013

1) Skylanders Swap Force

Skylanders has always been brilliant, but it got incredible this year. Swap Force has sixteen new Skylander characters, but with a twist: you can pull them apart and mix-and-match the pieces to make new characters! This swap system means that out of sixteen figures you can make 256 different Skylanders! You need to be smart when making your combinations, too, since certain places cannot be entered without the right character!

The starter pack comes with three figures: Wash Buckler, Blast Zone, and Ninja Stealth Elf, and the Portal of Power to transport them into the game. This means that with the starter pack alone you can make nine different characters.

Swap Force also has a much bigger story than Skylanders Giants, with more cut-scenes and more excitement. We think it’s definitely the best Skylanders game ever, so if you can only have one game on Wii U from 2013, make it Swap Force.

We think these are then ten must-have games that came out on Wii U this year, but you agree? Let us know what games you’d include in your own top 10 lists in the comments.


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