Let’s Play Angry Birds Stella

Let’s Play Angry Birds Stella

Just last week the big mystery of Angry Birds Stella was uncovered: just what kind of game is it? The new trailer for the game revealed it’s a lot like traditional Angry Birds, but there was only a tiny little piece of gameplay video in the trailer. Thankfully Andy from Family Gamer TV has been able to play the game, and you can see loads of Angry Birds Stella levels in this great video.

Angry Birds Stella uses the usual catapult-style gameplay to defeat the piggies in each level. Each new character has a great special ability; Stella can redirect herself in mid-air, Poppy can do a hurricane-like spin, and Luca can sing so loud that glass will shatter! Interestingly you can’t buy new characters with in-app purchases; you need to collect stars from doing well in each level, or buy the Telepod figures.

There are in-app purchases, but these are gold coins that are used for other parts of the game. You can play without buying anything at all though, as the app will be free to download from the App Store.

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