iOS App of the Day: Arcane Battles

iOS App of the Day: Arcane Battles

If Candy Crush is your idea of a great time, then Arcane Battles will really thrill you. It’s a Match-3 game, but with a story and fantasy battles to take part in. Every three icons you match makes you attack, cast a spell, or heal yourself, meaning there’s much more at stake than just points and scores!

As you fight your way through Arcane Battles you’ll collect new monsters and creatures that will act as your army in battle. They’re a little bit like Pokemon; they will level up and become stronger, and you can even combine two different creatures together to make a single, stronger one. You’ll need a really strong team to defeat some of the harder dungeons later in the game, so collecting as many creatures as you can is a must.


To get ready to embark on your magic quest, download Arcane Battles from the App Store. Not looking to fight in dungeons? Try something else from our Best Apps channel.


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