Discover Skylanders Trap Team’s new heroes in these trailers

Discover Skylanders Trap Team’s new heroes in these trailers

Every year Skylanders brings with it a gang of new heroes for us to get to know and fight alongside. Trap Team is no exception to the rule, and will introduce us to a whole new roster of Skylanders, including the amazing new Trap Masters. These new trailers for Trap Team let us discover new additions Food Fight, High Five, Bat Spin, and Flip Wreck.

Food Fight is an important new character as he comes as part of the Trap Team starter pack, so everyone will be using him. He is an artichoke (a kind of plant you can eat) that has a cool tomato-launching gun that looks very formidable!

High Five, Bat Spin, and Flip Wreck are all characters that were named in a competition by Skylanders fans. The winners of the competition also got to write the backstories for these heroes. High Five is a dragonfly racer, Bat Spin is a vampire to can transform into a bat, and Flip Wreck is a dolphin who uses broken ship parts to make armour and weapons.

The Skylanders Trap Team release date is October 10th on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, and tablets. If you’re not up to date on everything about Trap Team, check out the Skylanders channel for amazing screenshots and gameplay videos.


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