Check out what’s inside Project Spark Starter Pack

Check out what’s inside Project Spark Starter Pack

Now Project Spark is out of beta, it’s going to be available to download on Xbox One and Windows 8 for everyone. The game is free, but if you wan’t to get loads of new stuff for the game quickly, you can buy a Starter Pack on disc. What’s inside? Check out this video to find out.

Even though Project Spark is free to download, some of the tools you may want to use to make your game are not free and need to be bought. The Project Spark Starter Kit puts $85 worth of tools into a disc that costs $40 (£28 if you live in the UK!). With all these tools, it means you can get started a lot quicker and much cheaper than if you were playing the free download.

As well as the Project Spark game, you’ll get the Champions Quest: Void Storm adventure, First Contact sci-fi theme pack, Sir Haakon the Knight playable champion, Arctic Glaciers winter landscape, Massive World Builders Pack expansion, Yeti’s Rage content pack and a one month of Spark Premium membership. Premium means you’ll earn double points for a month, so you can spend twice as much on cool new items.

During the six month beta, 1 million players created 70,000 levels, which are all ready to play right now on Project Spark. So even if you don’t want to create your own games, you can play everyone else’s.


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