Catch a free Mega Charizard for Pokémon X&Y at Game!

Catch a free Mega Charizard for Pokémon X&Y at Game!

Need to add a little heat to your Pokémon collection? You can pick up a Mega Charizard for free at Game stores from today! All you need to do is take your 3DS into the shop and he’s yours!


From 11th July to 10th August if you connect your 3DS to Nintendo Zone in a Game shop and download a Charizard holding a Mega Stone. If you have Pokémon X your Charizard will be holding Charizardite Y, and if you have Pokémon Y your Charizard will be holding Charizardite X. The stone turns your Charizard into one of two different types of Mega Charizard: Mega Charizard X has higher Attack/Defense stats and different resistances, whilst Y is immune to Ground types and has higher Special Attack and Special Defense stats.

If you’re looking for more free Pokémon, why not download a free fancy patterned Vivillion? And if that doesn’t stop your thirst for more Pokémon stuff, take a look at our great Pokémon channel.

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