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10 Awesome Skylanders Videos

10 Awesome Skylanders Videos

Since Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure launched almost three years ago, Skylanders has grown to become one of our favourite game franchises of all time. Before Skylanders came along, we had to imagine the crazy adventures our toys got up to without us, coming alive to battle bad guys and saving the universe on a daily basis, but Skylanders lets us actually see the real thing right before our very eyes, letting us team up with our toys on one adventure after the other.

Here at BoxMash we are so excited for Skylanders: Trap Team that we just can’t wait for it to be released. With still a bit of a wait to go before we can all get our hands on the new game, we decided it was time to make a list of 10 of the coolest Skylanders videos out there for us all to enjoy. Let’s just hope Kaos doesn’t make an appearance!

#1. Skylanders Cupcakes!

What better way to start off our list than with something awesomely tasty? Be the envy of all your friends with this cool video by chef Elise, where you can learn how to make awesome Skylanders SWAP Force Elements cupcakes! Not only do they look cool, but we bet you’ll have lots of fun making them with your friends and family. What’s also awesome about this video is that Elise also gives you a link where you can get a completely free printable party pack for your next Skylanders themed Party! If you do make these cupcakes or have a Skylanders party, be sure to tweet us to let us know how it goes!


#2. Wash Buckler Skylanders Swap Force Minecraft Speed Build

Minecraft is another of our favourite games, so what could be better than if the worlds of Skylanders and Minecraft were to combine? If this sounds like a dream come true then you better check this out Speed Build of Skylander Wash Buckler quick. This massive Wash Buckler took jojopetv a whopping three hours to build in Minecraft, but it’s so awesome that it was definitely worth it. If this inspires you to try and make your own life-size Skylander, then check out his other videos where you can watch how he built Wash Buckler in real-time.


#3. Kids Review All 48 Skylanders Giants Characters

If you are on a quest for cool Skylanders videos, then we can’t recommend our friends over at Family GamerTV’s Youtube channel enough as they always have the latest Skylanders news and exclusive previews of toys! In this video they use a series of images to walk through the different Skylanders Giants characters with children to get their views and reactions to each different character, which is pretty fun! Why not make your own video of your reactions to the newest Trap Team toys?


#4. Lego Skylanders: Wash Buckler & Magna Charge + Swapability

Not managed to get all the Skylanders: Swap Force toys? Never fear, because with these handy videos by LEGO Skylanders you can see all your favourites in LEGO form, and maybe even try to make some yourself! In this video Wash Buckler and Magna Charge swap forces! What’s so cool about LEGO Skylanders is that they are all swappable, not just the Swap Force characters, so you can mix whatever characters you like together to create a whole new Skylander. Well, what are you waiting for?


#5. Skylanders Trap Team with Extreme Ghostbusters Theme Song

Who you gonna call? SKYLANDERS! The upcoming Skylanders: Trap Team game has been compared to Ghostbusters a lot because of the way you trap villains in magical crystals. If you haven’t seen Ghostbusters, it’s an awesome cartoon, film, and game where a team of ghost hunters trap ghosts by sucking them into a hoover-like machine. This video by BRRGames takes this idea and makes it a reality by doing a mash-up of Skylanders Trap Team footage and the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon theme tune! Get ready to dance and laugh.


#6. Crusher’s Pirate Quest Double Time-Lapse Build and Review

Evan is an awesome kid who has his own family channel where he reviews lots of cool games and toys, including Skylanders stuff. He even tests out the toys and builds them for the videos so you can get a great idea of just how it’s done. In this video, Evan is reviewing the cool Crusher’s Pirate Quest Blocks. Why not check out his other videos to find your new favourite Skylanders toy, and you might even get inspired to try a review of your own for Youtube.


#7. Skylanders Characters Get Attacked By Runaway Thomas the Train.

ThatCrazyFamily make funny parody videos of Skylanders and other top games. In this video, three of our favourite franchises combine: Super Mario, Thomas the Tank Engine and of course, Skylanders! But why? Well, it turns out Mario brothers Mario and Luigi are mad at the Skylanders, and want to cause some mischief, so they sabotage Thomas the Train. This video shows what you can do at home with your own toys, and who knows, maybe there’s some Skylanders adventures to be had outside of the gaming world!


#8. Skylanders Raps: Magna Charge rides a Roller Coaster

Skylanders Kids are an awesome family that dedicate their YouTube channel to just Skylanders stuff! They’ve got all sorts of cool fun videos on their site, from songs and Skylanders adventures they made up themselves, to reviews and walkthroughs of the actual games. For their 300th video, they made up a cool rap for Skylander Magna Charge’s newest adventure: the time Skylander Dad brought Magna Charge on a Roller Coaster!


#9. Skylanders Pumpkin Painting

GeekoTJS has a tradition: every year at Halloween he’ll paint one of the pumpkins

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with the costume that his son has picked for Halloween. In this cool time-lapse video you get to see him make Skylander Chop Chop come to life right before your eyes. This is a cool one because it not only gives us an awesome idea of what to do with our Pumpkins next halloween, but also shows us some really awesome Skylanders art! Which Skylanders character would you want on your Halloween Pumpkin?


#10. Official Skylanders Trap Team: “The Discovery”

We thought we’d finish off this countdown by adding the coolest Skylanders video to date, The official Skylanders Trap Team trailer: The Discovery, because you can never see it too many times! What Trap Team characters are you most looking forward to capturing in the new game, and what’s your favourite part of the trailer? Don’t forget to let us know below!

If you enjoyed this article and are looking for some more Skylanders stuff, why not check out our latest news on Trap Team, or our other Skylanders stories like The 10 Coolest and Fiercest Skylanders Bosses.


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