10 Awesome Pokémon Videos

10 Awesome Pokémon Videos

Who doesn’t love Pokémon? Pokémon is much more than just one of our favourite games, it’s become a way of life. Since the launch of Pokémon Red and Blue back in Japan in 1997, the whole world has gone mad for Pokémon. From swapping cards in the playground and collecting the newest toys, to rooting for Ash to catch ’em all on the show and spending hours upon hours on the games, we’ve all grown to love the different characters from Pokémon in their own way.

With all this awesome Pokémon stuff to work with, it’s no surprise that there are heaps of cool videos out there dedicated to every part of the Pokéworld, but with so many, where do you start watching? Well never fear Pokémasters, for here we’ve rounded up 10 of the most awesome Pokémon videos to make sure you catch all the good ones.


#1. Minecraft Pokémon Music Video (Pixelmon)

Starting off with a crossover between two of our favourite games, this is a really awesome video parody using Pixelmon – the Minecraft and Pokémon crossover. Pokémon trainer Craft takes on a new challenge from a rogue Pokémon trainer, and they battle Minecraft style! See Pixelmon such as Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Pikachu, Golem, and Machamp take centre stage as the two trainers face-off, performing cool moves like solar beam, bubble and thundershock. Part of what makes this video so cool is that it is a collaboration between a lot of different YouTube users: Lachlan, MrMeola, ShadyVox, Zeecount and Eileen, which just shows what you can do when you work together with your friends. Want to know more? Why not check out Pixelmon?


#2 Updated Pokérap (718 Pokémon)

Are you a true Pokémon Master? Think you know all 718 Pokémon, from Mudkip, to Dratini, to Tyrunt? Then the time has come to challenge yourself with this new updated Pokérap by College Humour. See how many Pokémon you can remember and learn how to impress your friends by reeling off all 718 Pokémon. This video is a whole 9 minutes of Pokémon rapping, so make sure you have a glass of water at the ready and have done some vocal exercises before taking this one on! Ready? Altogether now…


#3. Pokémon X and Y: All Mega Evolutions!

If you love Pokémon X and Y and can’t get enough of the cool new Mega Evolutions then this video is for you! In this video by ShofuTV you can see all the Mega Evolutions currently in the X and Y Game in action, from Mega Charizard to Mega Alakazam, and you even get to see them do some of their signature moves, which is pretty cool if you haven’t managed to get them all for yourself yet. Which Mega Evolution is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below! ShofuTV also has some more awesome X and Y videos to help you with the game, so why not check out his channel if you want to see more of the game in action.


#4. Barack Obama Singing the Pokémon Theme Song

You’ve been warned: this is probably one of the funniest Pokémon videos of all time. This video is exactly what the title says it is, as after taking his oath to become President of the United States, Barak Obama declares his dream to become the best there ever was by singing the original Pokémon theme tune. Alright, he doesn’t actually sing it for real, but Baracksdubs have done a pretty awesome job of mashing together clips of the current President of the USA to make it look like he does. If this doesn’t have you rolling on the floor laughing, nothing will!


#5. Pokémon Dubstep Remix – Lindsey Stirling & Kurt Hugo Schneider

In this awesome music video by Lindsey Stirling and Kurt Hugo Schneider, Kurt and Lindsey (dressed as Ash and Misty) are thrown into an epic Pokémon adventure where they must find Kurt’s Pikachu who ran away before it is too late. On their journey, they come face to face with all sorts of perils, including a rogue Empoleon who turns the the town to ice, and the infamous Team Rocket. Will Pikachu return or will Team Rocket win the day? You’ll have to watch to find out! Kurt and Lindsey create this really awesome version of the Pokémon theme with their guitar and violin, so this video shows you what you can do if you really practise your music. If you play an instrument you should try to create your own classic pokémon remixes. If you do, be sure to link us to your creations on twitter!


#6. What Happens Inside a Pokeball?

There are some tricky questions in the Pokémon world that we are never given the answers to. Ever wondered who Ash’s dad really is? Or if Pokémon get converted to data inside their Pokéballs? YouTube user MandJTV will attempt to answer these questions and more in his awesome YouTube channel. In this awesome video MandJTV explores all the evidence so far to find out what really happens when a Pokémon gets zapped into his or her Pokéball. Is it a perfect environment for the Pokémon, like a lake for Squirtle, or is it more like something we see in Pokémon X and Y’s Pokémon Amie, or perhaps Pokémon aren’t shrunk but are converted into data to be stored? Find out this and more by checking out the video above now, and impress your friends with your new found Poké-knowledge.


#7. Pokemon Re-enacted by Ponies

Another awesome crossover, this video shows you what it might be like if Pokémon trainers weren’t humans, but My Little Ponies! In this awesome video by Jacob Kitts, watch an episode of Pokémon play out in the Pony World, as Dash Ketchum takes on a new adventure, battling a new trainer on his journey to become Pony Master! Expect appearances from Misty, Pikachu and of course Jesse and James make their token attempt to capture the Ponymon. The coolest thing about this video though is the Pokémon themselves, with Pikachu and others appearing as Pony-crossovers, these Pokémon battles are truly awesome!


#8. LEGO Pokémon + Instructions

Ever wanted to make your own cool LEGO Pokémon but didn’t know where to start? Then look no further, because this awesome video by Captain Hobby shows you how to make your very own LEGO Venusaur, Charizard and Blaistoise! Anyone can do this as Captain Hobby uses just basic lego pieces, which is what makes his creations really cool. His playlist also goes on to show you how to make loads of other Pokémon such as Vileplume, Alakazam, Pokeball, Meganium, and Typhlosion, and even buildings like the Pokémon centre, so be sure to check his YouTube channel out for more cool Pokémon LEGO creations!


#9. Voice ALL the Original Pokemon!

In this video one girl, Brizzy, attempts to do all 151 original Pokémon’s voices one after the other, which is a pretty hard thing to do if you ask us! If you want to imagine the Pokémon, why not close your eyes as you listen to see how well she copies their voices? Here at BoxMash, we thought her Squirtle family and Scyther were particularly cool. We also suggest you stick around to the end of this one as she does a really awesome Ash Ketchum impersonation! When you’re finished, why not give it a go yourself and see how many Pokémon you can bring to life with your voice? Practise makes perfect!


#10. Pokemon Parody ft. Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Kesha, One Republic and More!

Finishing off our list of 10 awesome Pokémon videos with a really fun one, we have this epic Parody music video by Screen Team. This video is really well done, and uses some of your favourite Pop-songs to bring the world of Pokémon to life before your eyes. It was made by a couple, Chad Nikolaus and Angie Griffin, who really love Pokémon and all things game related. Using songs from artists like Passenger, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, they replace the original lyrics with their own Pokémon themed ones, whilst going on a crazy cool Pokémon adventure, where they must battle Team Rocket in the

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arena to save the day! You not only get to see all your favourite characters come to life as music video stars, but your favourite Pokémon too, as they dress up as them to take centre stage. Neat huh?


Bonus Video:

Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge

We thought we’d show you this last one to prove to you that it’s not only the fans like you that love Pokémon, but big companies do too! This is a cool video made by large company Google for April Fools Day 2014. In it you can see that dozens of wild Pokémon have taken up residence on streets all around us in Google Maps, as Google Maps calls to Pokémon trainers all around the world to begin their journey to capture all 150 Pokémon to win the title of Pokémon Master. Although this one was an April Fools trick and Pokémon aren’t really living in the streets, it still makes for an awesome video and shows just how much everyone loves Pokémon.

We hope you enjoyed these videos and maybe you even feel inspired to create your own Pokémon videos with your friends or your family! If you want some more cool Pokémon content, why not check out our awesome Pokémon channel or our Pokémon X and Y Gym Guides!


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