Zelda Monopoly board is awesome

Zelda Monopoly board is awesome

Remember when we said that a Zelda version of Monopoly was being made? Well it’s here! It’s exclusive to GameStop in America, and has loads of awesome Zelda-themed player pieces and locations. Take a look at the board, money, and pieces in these photos.

Monopoly Gameboard Zelda Monopoly 02 5.0.3

The game costs $40 and is only being sold at GameStop in America, so if you live in the UK or Europe you’ll have to get it imported. The player pieces which show where you are on the board are made of gold-coloured metal, and are in the shape of awesome iconic Zelda items like the boomerang, hookshot, Ocarina of Time, and Triforce. There’s also a great holographic map and a treasure chest to keep the cards and pieces in.

And if you love everything Zelda, don’t forget to check out Hyrule Warriors, a great new battle game set in the world of Hyrule.


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