Transistor is an action-packed RPG you should play

Transistor is an action-packed RPG you should play

There’s loads of cool games around to play, but more come out all the time and sometimes you need to know which games are the best ones to buy. Family Gamer TV have been playing Transistor, an awesome looking RPG that’s full of action, awesome graphics, and a cool sword that’s capable of doing some really nifty things.

In Transistor you play as Red, a girl who uses a huge sword called Transistor. The sword can talk, and it will constantly tell the story of the game as you play through it, commenting on the things you do and pointing out new things. The Transistor also allows you to use some cool powers, like being able to freeze time to plan your next move.

Family Gamer TV loved Transistor that much they gave it a full 10/10, which means it’s absolutely excellent. If you’re thinking about getting a new game and love action RPGs, then Transistor should definitely be on your wish list. It’s available right now on PS4 and PC.

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