The Wonderful 101 unite to defeat giant robots in new trailer

The Wonderful 101 unite to defeat giant robots in new trailer

The Wonderful 101 is very close to release now, and to build your excitement even more there’s a new trailer showing how the team’s super powers combine to make incredible robot-bashing attacks.

You can see in the trailer how by drawing different shapes on the Wii U Gamepad you can command the Wonderful 101 characters to use different abilities, like holding up a shield or striking out with a whip. It seems a much cooler way of controlling the game than just pushing buttons. You’ll be able to combine the abilities of different heroes to make special moves and take down the giant robots that threaten the city.

Wonderful 101 gamepad gestures

Drawing shapes on the Wii U Gamepad activates special powers

The Wonderful 101 releases on Wii U on August 23rd. A demo is available on the Nintendo eShop right now. What skills do you like the look of in the trailer? Tell us on Twitter, just click the button below!


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