Tearaway trailer gets crafty on Vita

Tearaway trailer gets crafty on Vita

Tearaway is coming to PlayStation Vita at the end of this year, and this new trailer shows how the games uses the Vita’s special features like touch control to make the game really special.

The game is made by Media Molecule, who made LittleBigPlanet, and Tearaway shares some of the designs that made LBP so fun. The game all looks like it was made from paper, and you can ‘tear’ into the game by using the touch pad on the rear of the Vita, using your fingers to help your character.

You’ll also be able to take photos of things to use as a pattern for an elk who wants a jazzier coat of fur, and shout into the microphone to scare enemies.

Tearaway will be exclusive for the PlayStation Vita, and the release date is November 22nd. Do you think the game looks really clever? Tell us what cool ways you would like to interact with Vita games, just send us a tweet on Twitter.


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