Tearaway demo unfolds on PS Vita

Tearaway demo unfolds on PS Vita

The incredible new game from Media Molecule – the people who made LittleBigPlanet – is released very soon. Tearaway will be available on PS Vita from 22nd November. At the very same time a free demo will also be available from the PSN store, so you can download a section of the game and try it out.

If you play the demo and love it, then you’ll be able to unlock the full game by paying for it and get gaming straight away.

There’s also a new Tearaway website that’s full of papercraft models that other players have made, and also has some ready-made ones you can download and make yourself. Check them all out at tearaway.me

The release date for Tearaway is November 22nd exclusively on PS Vita. The demo can be downloaded from the PS Store on that Friday too.


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