Super Megaforce Power Rangers toys are ready to morph

Super Megaforce Power Rangers toys are ready to morph

The Super Megaforce Power Rangers are one of the best Power Ranger teams ever. They’re special because they can morph into any of the rangers from 20 years of Power Ranger history, from Samurai Power Rangers all the way back to Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. With so much variety, there is of course an almost uncountable amount of Power Rangers toys coming out this year. Andy from Family Gamer TV took a look at the new range.

There’s something for everyone in the new range, with action figures of every Power Ranger from the show’s 20 year history, new models of the amazing robot Zords, and some cool Battle Gear like Tommy’s Dragon Dagger and a propeller bazooka.

The new Super Megaforce Power Rangers team also use special keys to unlock the power of older rangers, and all of the keys will be available as toys. Even better, when you put the key into the toys, they will unlock new powers like sound effect and lights. Awesome!

The Super Megaforce Power Rangers toys will be released over the year. 2014 really is the year of Power Rangers!


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