Splatoon gets sticky with ink guns

Splatoon gets sticky with ink guns

Nintendo’s got a crazy new idea for a game, and it looks amazing fun. Splatoon is coming to Wii U, and it’s a shooter with a difference: you shoot ink. You also play as two different characters: a human and a squid!

Splatoon 01

It’s a multiplayer game, and the aim is to cover as much of the area with your team’s coloured ink as possible. Your human character can shoot ink with a gun, and your squid can swim through the gunky brightly-coloured ink. Your squid can also attack other players, so it’s really important to shoot lots of pathways of ink so your squid can swim to your enemies.

Splatoon 02

Your enemies can’t walk very well through your coloured ink, so the more ink you shoot down the harder it will be for your enemies to move! You’ll be able to easily plan where you’re going to spray your ink thanks to the map that comes up on the GamePad. You also use the motion sensors in the GamePad to aim your ink gun.

Splatoon 03

It looks crazy good fun, and we can’t wait to play it. The Splatoon release date is early 2015.


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