Sonic The Lost World Zelda DLC on Wii U

Sonic The Lost World Zelda DLC on Wii U

What would be the best videogame crossover ever? If you were thinking Sonic and Zelda, then you’re in for a treat: Sonic The Lost World on Wii U is getting a The Legend of Zelda stage as DLC. Even better, you can download it for free! Take a look at in action in this trailer.

You can see that not only is Sonic transported to Hyrule for the Zelda stage, but he also gets to wear Link’s tunic and cap, too! There’s lots of Zelda-style villains too, with Sonic bopping them on the head in his usual style. It looks like he forgot to pick up Link’s sword when he borrowed his clothes!

You can download The Legend of Zelda stage DLC for Sonic The Lost World from the Wii eShop for free.

If a Sonic/Zelda crossover wasn’t your perfect game, then how about a Minecraft/Zelda cross? Or perhaps Minecraft/Pokemon?


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