Pokken is Pokémon crossed with Tekken

Pokken is Pokémon crossed with Tekken

The Pokémon company revealed a brand new game today, and it looks super exciting. Pokken is a mash-up of the Pokémon games with fighting series Tekken, and see’s the best fighters in the Pokémon world come together to fight in epic duels. Take a look at the swish-looking trailer.

Looks awesome, right? Unfortunately we have some bad news though. It’s only coming out in Japan, and it’s only for arcades! Which means we won’t be playing it on our Wii U anytime next year. However don’t be too glum; many arcade games eventually come to consoles, so a Wii U version may well turn up in North America and Europe in the coming years.

The Pokken release date is 2015 in Japanese arcades. For more stories on Pokémon games you can actually play, check out our ace Pokémon channel.

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