Pokémon X & Y trailers highlight the best new stuff

Pokémon X & Y trailers highlight the best new stuff

Some new trailers for Pokémon X & Y have cropped up on American TV this week, and they highlight the most awesome features that are coming to the new games. Check all three of them out below!

The first trailer features some amazing CGI Pokémon so you can see what your favourite monsters would look like in the real world.

This second video shows some snippets from the new region Kalos, which has been designed to look a little like France. There will be lots of cool castles and mysterious places to visit.

The final trailer is all about the battles, with some gameplay footage of the incredible new sky battles that are coming to Pokémon X & Y.

The Pokémon X & Y release date is October 12th on Nintendo 3DS. Not long now! Make sure you’re all up to date on your Pokémon X & Y knowledge by reading all out stories at the BoxMash Pokémon channel!

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