Pokémon X & Y trailer shows amazing new Pokémon

Pokémon X & Y trailer shows amazing new Pokémon

A new Pokémon X & Y trailer has landed, and it’s chock full of incredible new reveals! This is the most exciting trailer yet, showing off new monsters, new evolutions and new character customisation. Check it out now.

Firstly the trailer introduces the evolved forms of Pokémon X & Y’s starters. Chespin evolves into Quilladin, Braixen evolves into Fennekin, and Froakie evolves into Frogadier.

There are new Pokémon found from fossils in X & Y, and Tyrunt is a new dinosaur-like Pokémon.

Another new kind of Pokémon is Furfrou, who is a poodle-type Pokémon. You can groom Furfrou’s fur into different styles that look cool and show how much you care for it. The more you groom it, the more styles you can learn.

Meowstic is yet another Pokémon that’s revealed in the trailer, which like a Nidoran can come in different genders. The males look very different to the females, so you’ll definitely want one of each!

It has also been revealed that Mewtwo will have different Mega Evolutions depending on what game you buy. Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y look different and have slightly different abilities.

A new Mega Pokémon is also revealed in the trailer: Mega Garchomp. His arms turn into huge blades to deal massive damage.

The new trailer isn’t all about the Pokémon though; your trainer will be able to change their clothes too, so you can make your character as cool as you are!

What do you think of all the new features revealed in this trailer? Has it made you as excited for Pokémon X & Y as we are? The release date for Pokémon X & Y is October 12th on Nintendo 3DS. We can’t wait!


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