Pokémon X & Y get new fossil Pokémon

Pokémon X & Y get new fossil Pokémon

Even more Pokémon are being revealed, and this time they’re the special Fossil type Pokémon. Amaura is a Rock/Ice Pokémon and very dinosaur-like in appearance.

Amaura is the second new fossil Pokémon to be revealed, after we saw T-Rex-like Tyrunt in the last trailer for Pokémon X & Y. But the new reveal from Nintendo shows both Amaura and Tyrunt’s evolutions: Aurorus and Tyrantrum. Aurorus is a beautiful and elegant Pokémon, whilst Tryrantrum is ferocious and dangerous.

You’ll only be able to turn the fossil into one kind of Pokémon though, so you’ll have to choose between Tyrunt and Amaura since there is only one fossil in the whole game! Who will you choose? The Pokémon X & Y release date is October 12th only on Nintendo 3DS.


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