Pokémon X & Y downloads: how to get them

Pokémon X & Y downloads: how to get them

Pokémon X & Y are unique from other Pokémon in many ways, but one of those ways is the method you can download event Pokémon and special giveaways. For example, if you buy Pokémon X or Y from Tesco, you’ll be able to get 12 free Quick Balls, or if you go to a GAME store during their Pokémon events. Read on to find out how to get the best free stuff!

If you buy from Tesco, you’ll be able to use a code system to unlock your 12 free Quick Balls. Have you ever redeemed a pre-order bonus on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network? Well it works just like that! A code will come with your Pokémon X or Y game in the box, and if you enter that code into the game you’ll get the Quick Balls instantly in your inventory! This will work for any items you can unlock with a code, which might be given to you at a Pokémon event, or revealed on the Pokémon website or Twitter feed.


The second way to unlock new Pokémon in X and Y is through Wi-Fi, similar to how unlocks worked on previous Pokémon games. At GAME stores at the moment the Legendary Creation Trio event is happening, and if you take your 3DS in store you can pick up a special Pokémon by activating your Wi-Fi in the shop. Between now and October 11th you can pick up a Shiny Giratina for use in Pokémon Black or White. We expect the same method will be used for X and Y Pokémon after the game is released.

Finally, you’ll be able to download Pokémon from the Nintendo Network. The first Pokémon will be Torchic, who can be evolved into Mega Blaziken.

The Pokémon X & Y release date is October 12th, which is this Saturday! Are you ready for it?


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