Pokémon Super Training revealed for X and Y

Pokémon Super Training revealed for X and Y

We’ve already heard about the cool new Mega Evolution Pokémon, but there’s even more new features coming in Pokémon X and Y. In the new games you’ll be able to put your monsters through Super Training to make them even stronger.

Special Training will boost your Pokemon's attack, defense and speed ratings

Special Training will boost your Pokemon’s attack, defense and speed ratings

Official Nintendo Magazine has discovered that you’ll be able to train Pokémon outside of battle to increase their stats. These stats – HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed – are all very important to making your Pokémon the best they can be.

Super Training will be done through mini-games played on the touch screen of the Nintendo 3DS. One game will be a goal-scoring challenge, and the more balls you shoot into your oppponent’s goal the better trained your Pokémon will be.

Pokemon Special Training

You’ll have to get as many balls past the keeper Pokemon to increase your strength!

There will also be Core Training, which you can set for your Pokémon to do on their own, so they’ll always be working to get better stats even when you’re not training them yourself.

Do you think these new ways of training Pokémon sound fun? Let us know how you’ll be making your Pokémon the very best on Twitter, just click the button below.


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