Nintendo reveal new 2DS console

Nintendo reveal new 2DS console

Nintendo has surprised everyone by announcing a brand new hand-held. The Nintendo 2DS is a new dual-screen console that plays both DS and 3DS games in 2D, and will be cheaper than the 3DS. It will launch on the same day as Pokémon X and Y.

The Nintendo 2DS will be £109.99 (or $129.99 if you live in America) and has both the normal and touch screens of the 3DS, but without the folding hinge or the 3D slider. Like the name suggests, the 2DS will only play games in 2D, but every 3DS game will work.

If you’ve already got a 3DS don’t worry, the 2DS won’t replace your console. The 3DS and 2DS are designed to exist at the same time and play the same games. They’re like console brothers!

The Nintendo 2DS will be available in Blue and Red colour schemes, and the release date is October 12th. You can find out more information at the Nintendo 2DS website. What do you think of the 2DS? Were you thinking of getting a 3DS, but now think the 2DS is a better buy? Were you not interested in a Nintendo hand-held before, but now the 2DS has changed your mind? Let us know your thoughts, send us a comment on Twitter!


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