Nintendo announces Pokémon Art Academy for Japan

Nintendo announces Pokémon Art Academy for Japan

Fancy putting your drawing skills to the test on one of Nintendo’s coolest games characters? Well get practising, because Nintendo

has released a cool trailer announcing an Art Academy spin-off that will fill any Pokémon fan with joy: Pokémon Art Academy for 3DS! Although the game isn’t due for release over here anytime soon, this awesome Japanese video will give you an idea for what’s in store when the game eventually makes its way across the waters and into your hands.

As you can see in the video, you start your adventure in the Pokémon Art Academy where you are given step-by-step guides to drawing 40 cool Pokémon, from oldies such as Pikachu, to newbies Fennekin and Mega Mewtwo. There are also over 100 images of Pokémon to use as reference in Free Paint mode, so the fun doesn’t stop until you’ve perfected all the characters! The game includes loads of different tools for drawing, like the pencil, outline pen, marker pen, paint brush, pastel, and spray paint tools, so it will never get boring as there’s heaps of different ways to create your favourite Pokémon. You can also use the 3DS camera and the Art Academy Sketchpad’s Miiverse upload function as with the other Art Academy games.

Pokémon Art Academy is due to be released in Japan on 19th June, available both digitally and in shops. Hopefully we’ll see the game popping up over here soon, but whilst you are waiting why not check out these 10 Awesome Pokémon Videos?

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