New Wonderful 101 trailer introduces the team

New Wonderful 101 trailer introduces the team

There’s a super-cool looking new game coming to WiiU next month: The Wonderful 101. It’s all about a team of 100 super heroes keeping a city safe. There’s a new trailer introducing you to the team…

Official Nintendo Magazine  found the trailer, which shows how in the Wonderful 101 you’ll be able to save people from danger using your superpowers. You can do things like punch falling debris out the way or curve a track into a jump ramp to stop a train crash. You can even use multiple heroes together to do special moves, like making a sword out of them.

The Wonderful 101 team

The Wonderful 100 team all have unique abilities

You might be thinking “If there’s only 100 team members, why is it called the Wonderful 101?” Well it’s because you will be the 101st member of the team! The Wonderful 101 is released on 23rd August on WiiU. Will you be joining this superhero team to save the city from evil? Tell us what superpower you’d, just send us a tweet by clicking the button below.


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