New Super Smash Bros. mode coming to Wii U?

New Super Smash Bros. mode coming to Wii U?

Super Smash Bros. is now out on 3DS, but there’s still things we don’t know about the Wii U version, which comes out this December. The game’s creator Masahiro Sakurai has put a picture on MiiVerse that teases new modes for the Wii U version.

super_smash_bros_wii_u new modes

These two new modes are for solo play. They have some of the names blurred out, but it looks like we’ll be playing modes called “Master” and “Crazy”. It looks like they may be something to do with gold too, as the icons for both modes have pictures of gold coins on them, with a big hand trying to grab them. Perhaps a coin-collecting game like in Mario?

To keep up with the full details on Super Smash Bros., keep an eye on out great Nintendo channel.


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