Talonflame revealed for Pokémon X and Y

Talonflame revealed for Pokémon X and Y

There’s going to be lots of new Pokémon for you to catch in Pokémon X and Y when they are released in October. Nintendo have revealed a new one, and it’s an exciting looking bird-type Pokémon called Talonflame. We have all the details on him…

Talonflame is an evolved form of Fletchling, and this Fire and Flying-type Pokémon has a whole new level of speed and firepower. Flames actually pour from its body as it flies through the air. How cool is that?

Pokemon Talonflame screenshot

Talonflame will be able to soar in from above and get the drop on enemy Pokemon

Talonflame brings to number of new Pokémon to 19, but there’s sure to be more. Keep reading BoxMash every day to keep up with every new Pokémon reveal. Pokémon X and Y are released on the Nintendo 3DS in October, and you’ll be able to buy it from Amazon. What do you think of Talonflame? Click the button below and tweet us.

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