New Peggle 2 coming to Xbox 360 with multiplayer

New Peggle 2 coming to Xbox 360 with multiplayer

Peggle 2 players are getting a real treat in the latest patch: Duels multiplayer mode! The big 2.8GB patch for the Xbox One game is available to download now.

Peggle 2 board 2

Duels can be played online or locally with two controllers, and lets you both battle on the same board for the highest score. It should be great to share the Peggle fun with another player.

To download the patch, just start up your Xbox One. The apps page should start updating your Peggle 2 game automatically.

If you don?t have an Xbox One, don?t worry: Peggle 2 releases for Xbox 360 on May 7th, and will come with Duels Mode.


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