Mighty No.9 trailer is mega

Mighty No.9 trailer is mega

If you love the Mega Man games, then Mighty No. 9 is something you’re going to want to play. It’s being made by the man who created Mega Man, using money donated by fans in a Kickstarter campaign. Now the game is being shown of for the first time, and this trailer makes it look as awesome as our favoruite Mega Man games.

The game is a long way from being finished yet, which is why a lot of the backgrounds are black at the moment. But when the levels are finished, we’re sure they’ll look as brilliant as the characters and enemies in this trailer. The 3D look makes everything feel really modern, but the side-scrolling action keeps things looking like the older Mega Man games. The best of both worlds!

In Mighty No.9, there are a group of eight Mighty Numbers, who are joined by a ninth member: Beck. He’s who you will play as, and will no doubt be a great and powerful member of the team.

Mighty No.9 is still being made, so there is no release date yet.


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