Pikmin 3 on WiiU – meet the team

Pikmin 3 on WiiU – meet the team

Pikmin 3 is out very soon, so it’s about time we got introduced to all the different kinds of Pikmin there are. We have a video that tells you exactly who’s who, so you don’t get confused between what your red and yellow Pikmin can do!

The trailer explains what each Pikmin’s abilities are, like the Blue Pikmin who can swim underwater and the Yellow Pikmin who can be thrown really high in the air. You’ll need to use all of the different types to make your way through the game.

Red Pikmin

Red Pikmin are feisty little fighters and can set things on fire

The game is out really soon, so get ready for 26th July when we can finally play Pikmin 3 on the WiiU. You can buy Pikmin 3 from Amazon when it is released. Which Pikmin do you think looks the most useful? Tweet us with your choice!


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