Let’s Play PlayStation Vita Pets: Puppy Parlour on iOS

Let’s Play PlayStation Vita Pets: Puppy Parlour on iOS

What’s this? It’s a PlayStation Vita game on iOS! Well not quite; Puppy Parlour is the companion app to PlayStaion Vita Pets, so whatever you do in the app will help you gain rewards in the PS Vita Pets game. Alex from Family Gamer TV has been taking a look at the app, and you can see his adventures in this video.

In PlayStation Vita Pets, which will let you care for a puppy and go on adventures with him or her around Castlewood Island. Puppy Parlour, however, is a far smaller affair, putting you in charge of pampering polygonal pooches in a virtual doggie daycare. The app has sections inspired by games like Nintendogs and Temple Run, and will keep you busy when you’re not near your PS Vita.

Did we mention the app is free, too? Bonus!

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