Why Kinect Sports Rivals is perfect for the family

Why Kinect Sports Rivals is perfect for the family

Kinect Sports Rivals is coming out soon, and if you’ve got a Xbox One it really should be at the top of your ‘to buy’ list. Why? Well it’s the perfect game for the whole family to play, with lots of great multiplayer sports to play. You’ll probably build up a bit of a rivalry with a brother or parent, too! Andy from Family Gamer TV went to see the game at developer Rare’s studios, and got to chat with studio head Craig Duncan about his experiences making the game.

One of the most interesting things that Craig talks about in the interview is the rating Kinect Sports Rivals has, which is PEGI 12+. We’d normally expect a family game to be rated 3+ or 7+, but because Kinect Sports Rivals has lots of competitive parts where players can get a little bit of a tussle with each other (like grabbing another player in the rock climbing competitions), it got pushed up to a 12+. But Craig thinks that even with that rating, the game is completely family friendly. We really agree, and hope you’ll play Kinect Sports Rivals with your family too.

Check out some amazing?videos of Kinect Sports Rivals in action, and an interview with Rare?s executive producer Danny Isaac who talks about the great technology behind the game, and why it isn’t always perfect.

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