Kinect Sports Rivals amazing gameplay videos

Kinect Sports Rivals amazing gameplay videos

Kinect Sports Rivals is the incredible looking sports game that looks like will use the Kinect 2.0 sensor better than any game before. So far we’ve not seen much of the game, but that’s all about to change. Andy from Family Gamer TV got to go to Rare studios – the place where Kinect Sports Rivals is made – and gets hands-on with the game. Watch these amazing videos to find out how he got on.



Wake Racing


Target Shooting

The technology Rare have to work with on the Xbox One with the Kinect 2.0 sensor is incredible, and has allowed them to make a game so much more detailed than Kinect Sports on Xbox 360. To find out how Rare created these amazing new games, take a look at their official video, which explains their journey.

Check out these amazing other videos too:?Rare?s studio head Craig Duncan thinks?Kinect Sports Rivals is the perfect family game, and?an?interview with executive producer Danny Isaac?who talks about the great technology behind the game, and why it isn?t always perfect.

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