iOS App of the Day: Wind-up Knight 2

iOS App of the Day: Wind-up Knight 2

Grab your sword, pull on your helmet, and get ready for adventure. But don’t forget to wind your key up first! In Wind-up Knight 2, you play a little clockwork knight in shining armour. But don’t mistake his shortness for weakness, he can still pack a punch. And you’re about to adventure with him through castles and forests with him.

Wind-up Knight 2 03

Wind-up Knight is a platformer, so think Mario or Rayman. Like those characters, Wind-up Knight is really good at jumping. He can even double-jump, or bounce of special pads for extra height. You’ll need to use jumps carefully so you can soar over traps like spikes, or enemies like hippogriffs!


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plenty of levels to play through, but keep your eye out: every level has secret side-quests to do, and you’ll only be able to beat the game 100% by completing all the side-quests!

Wind-up Knight 2 01

If you fancy some adventure today, just download Wind-up Knight 2 from the App Store. It’s free on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. If this doesn’t look like your kind of thing, no worries: check out our other app recommendations.


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